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Driving P4Merge entirely using the keyboard

Posted over 2 years ago by Aaron
Idea Status: new

Using a mouse to merge thousands of files is tedious. It would also be great if the shortcuts could be customised as Ctrl-1/2 etc isn't very convenient. Ideally I could use one hand to go through changes, and the other to select base, source or target.



Posted about 2 years ago

This is a critical feature. Aside from the fact that using the mouse is slow and tedious, many times with adjacent changes you simply don't know which button row corresponds to each change and you have to use trial and error - extremely frustrating.

Some simple shortcuts shouldn't be hard to implement, don't even make them configurable if that's a hassle (just use whatever, say Ctrl+L for left, Ctrl+R for right, Ctrl+B for base).

Thanks !

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Posted 11 months ago

I propose to use Ctrl + arrow up and down to go to next change, and Ctrl + arrow left and right to move changes to right and left panel.
Ideally It should be configurable.

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