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Provide rebasing function

Posted over 3 years ago by P4Randy
Part of: Commands
Idea Status: coming soon

Rebasing is a powerful concept introduced by DVCS. Essentially, it lets you set aside local commits, bring a branch up to date with respect to some other branch, and then replay your commits.

That supports a few use cases, including cleaner reparenting of local branches (no ugly integration records).


Don Marti

Posted over 3 years ago

Rebase is huge. It can make you look retroactively smarter and better organized--showing what you would have done if you knew what was going on instead of what exactly you did.
As a developer on a project using git, we did a rebase on practically everything we merged in--it make the log a lot simpler and we all liked it. But the vcs history was more of a "history written by the winners".

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Posted about 3 years ago

Isn't this pretty much the same as the current "shelve" features?

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Matt Attaway

Posted 8 months ago

This will be available in our upcoming DVCS release.

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